Celebrating a milestone – and summer!

From Spoon: The first day of July and the start of the Independence Day holiday weekend seemed like a good day to share the happy news that we have a double-byline in this month’s issue of DownEast Magazine – our story about Dave Berry and the Beth Alison. This is our first writer/photographer project for a magazine outside of New Jersey, and we have this to say for ourselves … huzzah!

David Berry

We pitched the feature on this unusual floating farmers market nearly a year ago, and were thrilled when Downeast said “yes.” We are also grateful to Dave, who I have known for years, because while he turned down Charles Kurault, he let us tell his story and photograph him!

Having bought produce and other goodies from what we on Southport Island call “the veggie boat” for many summers, I knew some of the significant details. But interviewing Dave was fascinating – I’m not going to give anything away, you’ll have to read it on the DownEast website here, or better yet, in the magazine. It was also fun to learn that Dave is good friends with chef Sam Hayward of Portland’s famed Fore Street, who Ted has photographed and gotten to know through all of his work there.

Dave's wife Alison makes all the jams, chutneys and pickles sold on the boat

For more photos, and our blog post from last summer about Dave and the Beth Alison, click here.

We’re off to Maine tomorrow morning, and can’t wait to see Dave and shop the boat when it pulls into Cozy Harbor next Tuesday.

Happy Fourth!



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