Photo Of The Week: Fiddleheads at The Farmer’s Table

From Shutter: Unlike some of my recent “Photo of the week” this one is not full of technical and lighting information.  This photo is more about the food and composition.  With great window light in the restaurant, I would have been crazy not to use it.

In celebration of spring I wanted to share this photograph I took for The Farmer’s Table restaurant on Commercial Street in the heart of the Old Port in Portland, Maine.

Inside this unassuming restaurant Jeff Landry, chef / owner specializes in seasonal locally sourced American cuisine in a casual and relaxed environment. In addition to his excellent food, I have enjoyed having what started as a client relationship turn into a friendship.

In a tribute to the season we created the above photograph of fiddleheads and ramps.  The first sign of edible springtime.

Shooting Data

Camera: Nikon D700

Lens: Nikon 24mm-70mm f/2.8

Focal Length: 70mm

Exposure: f/9@1/15th second

ISO: 250

Lighting: window light camera left.  Silver reflector camera right.

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2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Week: Fiddleheads at The Farmer’s Table

  1. Ted…I had fiddleheads for the first time last weekend…delicious. Picture is outstanding. See you soon in Maine!

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