Spoon & Shutter is now on MaineToday.com


Alice, Paul and Abraham Lorrain of Funky Bow Brewery in Lyman, Maine, the subject of our first Spoon & Shutter post on MaineToday.com.

Life has a way of getting complicated, even when you’re trying to simplify things. We moved to Maine not necessarily for careers — although we are fortunate to be doing work we love, here — but for an alternative to urban craziness, better access to the outdoors, proximity to family and the fact that this state is just so stunningly beautiful. But the pace is not necessarily any slower, especially since Ted is keeping one foot in NJ for work and we still have such strong personal ties there.

One of the consequences has been that although we love working on Spoon & Shutter together, it’s well … no doubt you’ve noticed the sporadic nature of our posts. As serendipity would have it, MaineToday.com, the website I work for, needed a food blog — the puzzle pieces fell neatly into place.

On Spoon & Shutter at MaineToday.com, we’ll be posting at least twice a week: cooking in our kitchen and chronicling our food and drink experiences out and about in Maine. A month after posts appear on MaineToday.com, they will be reposted here.

Thanks for reading, and Happy 2014!

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2 thoughts on “Spoon & Shutter is now on MaineToday.com

  1. Dear Susan and Ted. We are excited for your new adventure. Please keep in touch. Fondly, Lynne and CK

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